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Gilead’s existing hepatitis C drugs brought in $12.4 billion last year, even as the company faced criticism over list prices for the medicine that exceed $1,000 a day
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The encounter lasted about 30 minutes
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Those who do have documentation are sometimes deported
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On Francis' first visit to the United States this week, the business dealings suggest that some leaders of the U.S
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Sullivan left Keller in the tree, telling her to stay put, while the teacher went into the house to make a picnic lunch.
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Card companies must also notify customers before a deal comes to an end."
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10against a basket of currencies.
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Price-fixed goods ranging from flour to gasoline are alsosmuggled over the border to Guyana, where they can be sold for ahandsome profit
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The group also recommended that ICAO consider requiring automated tracking systems
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Holt anchored the NBC News coverage of Pope Francis' arrival that aired on the network’s broadcast TV affiliates for about 45 minutes
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His role in taking care of prisoners' luggage deceived them that they would get their belongings back.
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Other artists scheduled to perform include D.C
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Three months after her initial request, on the day of her appointment, she died because of significant coronary artery disease.
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The majority agree the decision should be made after careful consideration between a patient and his doctor
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Many refugees choose this more expensive way of traveling instead of the buses because they are afraid they will be taken to refugee camps,” reports euronews’ Andrea Hajagos.
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land use plans also were revised to protectthe bird on federal property that accounts for most of the rest.
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tech giant should do more to support developers in the company's second-biggest market.
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"We need to protect hard-working Americans here at home fromexcessive costs
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“That poor boy, (Terrence) ain’t done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he’s some f---in’ demon
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Half of the company's sales in Europe - VW's biggest market - are for diesel cars
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The veteran journalist then looked up property and financial records in the agent’s name
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It’ll be a space for people looking for experts on particular subjects and work they find interesting.
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Nelson said executives responsible for these problems should go to jail.
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My mother and I used to sing together all the time and I sing to my granddaughters." Shortly thereafter, she confidently grabs the mic and breaks out in song.
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They were welcomed by Washington state Governor Jay Inslee.
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"If it is Nefertiti's, this would be very massive."
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Several provider and patient advocate groups have raised concerns about that
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In downtown Seattle, about 100 people - both for and against Xi's presence - gathered peacefully outside the Westin hotel
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The medieval town of Noyers-sur-Serein hosts a truffle festival every year in early November
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The engine was running fine so I took it to signal a problem in transmission
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But these findings do provide a route for further research in a drug already prescribed to people with arthritis.
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It is making lots of people uncomfortable
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Mills was Clinton's chief of staff at the State Department, while Abedin was her deputy chief and considered to be among her most trusted confidantes.
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The institute is the oil and gas industry's top lobbying arm.
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There was no immediate statement from President Mamnoon Hussain.
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It said Russian officials had manipulated the legal system to bankrupt Yukos and jail its boss Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
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All this aside, Apple's devices are still a considerably more secure option compared to rival Android
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(1000 GMT) passed, the streets were deserted with fearful residents staying home.
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