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Stress-induced overeating was found to explain a significant portion of the weight gain.

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Russia's Mikhail Nastenko riding Reistag falls at the Lochan fence in the cross country event of FEI European Eventing Championship at Blair Castle, Scotland, Britain, September 12, 2015

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It would show their willingness to fight for the coach who has fought for them for so many years, the one who took all the hits for their failures

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He has been COO as long as Blankfein has been CEO and is six years younger.

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4, following Fed officials' recent commentsindicating that the U.S

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and one that interferes with our ability to move forward and deal with other issues," Clinton said

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I've heard it many times and I like it

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Pellmann’s standout event may have been the discus, where each of his three throws easily beat the previous age-group world record of 10.72 meters

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Eisenhower were military men and war heroes

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"Catherine Greig has yet again failed to do the right thing," said Joseph Bonavolonta, acting special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston division

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There would be no need to commit any of the available minutes to Bennett

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As one of Nasa's "New Nine" astronauts, Armstrong was firmly on the path to space.

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Click the link (right) to get your hands on her thigh high boots.

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In a statement, State Department spokeswoman Katy Bondy said Phan-Gillis was arrested on March 20 and confirmed the U.S

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A passer-by reported the blaze early Thursday, but the fire chief said the home was all but destroyed by the time firefighters arrived.

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Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute, a medical research laboratory in London, have applied for license to genetically edit human embryos

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“And it is not for want of trying, I dare say.”

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The destruction of rural China became for Xiao Zhang a liberation - and an opportunity

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Angulo, 33, works as a carpenter

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"They need a partner that can come in with resources, staff and unique tools and data system that, left to their own devices, they don't have the bandwidth to pursue."

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Asked how his campaign can recover from the controversy, the retired neurosurgeon replied: "The only way we fix that is fix the P.C

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I thought I was just sore and I would feel better the next day,” he said

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With her own vintage label now available it was inevitable she would look for outfits from years gone by

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Scotch sold 8.4 million cases into emerging markets in 2003, rising to 21.5 million last year

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That’s according to one of the biggest surveys ever done on sexual assault and harassment at university campuses.

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She notes another bonus: "Everyone on the show is extremely beautiful or extremely handsome, so there are quite a few things that keep you coming."

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That has been true for several years now, but you’re looking at it too narrowly

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We will not engage in presidential primary debates."

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"Her muscles and chest began growing