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Clinton's opinion about the pipeline has been closelywatched since 2010, when, as secretary of state, she said shewas inclined to approve it

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So I was up on my box all day on a 15-hour shoot, and to go from not doing pointe for five years to being on your tippy-toes for a 15-hour shoot day, you're pretty much f----- at the end of the day."

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The malware was designed to pull personal information from victims’ devices, including the device name,country, and unique identifiers, the firm noted

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Congress on Thursday, a speech to the U.N

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"Boosting our export performance, alongside innovation, are vital to improving productivity

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But just 18 months later, a brutal conflict erupted, in which thousands of people have died

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By creating a little personal timetable, you can visualize your upcoming work week and say yes, or no, to different projects accordingly.

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"As anticipated in our April trading update it has been a tough trading period for us and we have responded accordingly to ensure we deliver improvements going forwards

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Direct economic impacts include agricultural losses or increased air conditioning energy use

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Domestically there are rumblings of discontent with government policy

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She later identified by name all four of the people involved in the alleged rape.

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The rise in health care costs is hitting workers particularly hard because it's growing much faster than wages

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Rights for sporting events, in particular, have soared.

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Tuesday’s vote came less than 48 hours before a first-ever papal address to Congress

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Boeing already has partnered with Amazon Chief ExecutiveJeff Bezos' Blue Origin to build a manned space vehicle capableof reaching the International Space Station

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He said that since presidential hopeful Ben Carson wouldn't, in his view, win the Republican nomination, the only black person involved in the presidential race would be McAfee's wife Janice

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Tsipras said his "first big battle" would be demanding debt relief from Greece's creditors, and boosting the debt-ravaged country's economy.

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Lassiter also told Scott his missing son had been kidnapped

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The group also recommended that ICAO consider requiring automated tracking systems

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“To be quite clear, manipulation at Volkswagen must never happen again

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12 football game between Syracuse University and Wake Forest constituted unacceptable behavior, and maybe even assault, as men forcibly kissed women who were clearly saying no.

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Grijalva is the ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Natural Resources

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The One Direction member is renowned for his rock 'n' roll take on menswear, favouring skinny jeans, unbuttoned silk shirts and skinny scarves


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It was a strain to lean back and look up at Michelangelo’s nine fresco ceiling panels that Pope Julius II summoned him to paint

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"Now, it's too late." Harris said Finch could still file paperwork by Oct

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The fraud departments are typically very fast at catching and flagging odd charges and suspending your card until they can reach you, but it still feels good to be proactive.

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