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Flash floods killed nine people near Utah's border with Arizona when a "large wall of water" triggered by heavy rain pounding nearby canyons swept them away in their cars, officials said on Tuesday

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With donations and raffling, Moran purchases wheelchairs, food and medical treatment for the dogs at her shelter in Chorrillos

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A girl jumps off a mound of dirt that was piled up with one of the vehicles found after a flash flood, in Hildale, Utah September 15, 2015

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Okaloosa County Deputy Bill Myers, 64, was shot multiple times in the back of the head and in the back by 33-year-old Joel Dixon Smith, Sheriff Larry Ashley said

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The car accident, which occurred while he was out celebrating his birthday, but those plans on indefinite hold as his family held onto hope that he’d wake up one day.

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It would cut [funds] for everything

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“Detection of gravitational waves,” he said, “is a direct probe of this region and hence the secrets of gravity.”

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“We don’t have to worry anymore.”

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You may request private screening or to speak with a supervisor at any time during the screening process.

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"But their stories can also be used as a potentially powerful tool in the fight against it

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There would be no need to commit any of the available minutes to Bennett

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That’s a new kind of partnership that’s exciting for the future.”

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The over 65s make up 17.4 per cent of the uk population and are paying eleven per cent of the uk tax take

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The speed was dropping sharply - not good

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Fields enrolled at Louisville last month after the case against him was dismissed in June, following the completion of an anger management course.

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The expansion includes some 3,400 cafes - including those in major cities such as San Francisco, Boston, New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C

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Parker averaged 12.3 points and 5.5 rebounds per game in his rookie season before the injury

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He says fans cheered as men forcibly kissed women who were clearly saying no.

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One called the department's office of inspector general a "joke."

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Some of his jailers had Iraqi accents, he said, and he could hear them torturing other captives.

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More efforts are needed to persuade and support women to kick the habit

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Brees’ rehab will be “crucial,” Werder wrote in a tweet, and his status remains up in the air.

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When I tried to contact Al'aa again to ask him what had happened, his phone was no longer in service

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The Giants square off against Washington Thursday night at MetLife Stadium

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Turing is hardly alone in being a target

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If you charge your Apple Watch every night, you’ll probably like the new Nightstand mode

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The video feed was often identical to MSNBC and both anchors drew on the same battery of NBC News correspondents.

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When we get down in the red zone we have to put things together and make those plays.”

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And so we're rolling our eyes at our genteel PM's animal antics

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The chile rellenos ($15) was also unremarkable — a roasted-into-submission poblano stuffed with cheese, covered with too much batter and then fried.

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11 and giving Congress time to workout a longer-term budget deal.

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They seized on Henthorn’s inconsistent accounts of the fatal fall and said the evidence did not match his shifting stories.

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