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Dallas, they came up with those plays

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Thenews on Volkswagen is overhanging the auto industry

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And it’s unfair to completely blame Coughlin for that.

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He equalized in the 51st, put Bayern ahead a minute later, and completed his hat trick three minutes after that when he hit the post, then the goalkeeper and kept going till he scored.

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Now he and fellow GOP hopeful Ben Carson are competing to see who can be most offensive to voters who are Muslim

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The Facebook unit has rolled out a numberof products and features this year aimed at getting users tospend more time in the app.

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Vitilla expert Adalberto Garcia told The News that on the streets of Santo Domingo and San Pedro, kids are constantly playing the game, which they invented on their own.

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Boeing already has partnered with Amazon Chief ExecutiveJeff Bezos' Blue Origin to build a manned space vehicle capableof reaching the International Space Station

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At over 25 billion it is one of the biggest and fastest-growing parts of the welfare bill

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statement as saying it is extremely important during the migrant crisis "to guarantee that all are treated well, independent of their juridical situation."

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The taxi industry calls upon Toronto politicians to demonstrate political will in enforcing its own existing laws fairly and consistently for everyone

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North African ostriches run up to 45 miles an hour, making them the fastest land bird

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Don’t be afraid to list it again, but change the description or photos a little.

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1, as vehicles to kill Obamainitiatives, like his healthcare overhaul and immigration policychanges

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The study focused on different combinations of diabetes, stroke and heart attack - these are known as cardiometabolic diseases

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The study — conducted by the U

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The main use of the drug is to treat life-threatening parasitic infections.

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He told the operator he hit her with a wrench because she decided she didn’t want to go on.

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On the surface, the controversy has little to do with Dayan's qualifications

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“Now, many men are looking at their own attitudes and behaviour

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We were able to take great pictures in The Gallery of Maps before we accessed a short cut, taking us right into the Sistine Chapel.

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Hilliard will be fitted with a mask for the next three weeks and will continue all basketball-related activities.

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14 after a five-day stint in jail for refusing to issue any marriage licenses following a Supreme Court ruling in June that made gay marriage legal across the United States.

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On Tuesday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Margaret Chan said there is clear evidence showing that this isn’t true

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The updated versions of Microsoft's popular word-processing, spreadsheet and email programs are heavy on collaboration tools that let people share information and work together online

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But I was rapidly losing rotation and it would have been dangerous to try to extend the flight to reach it, so I headed straight for the water.

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Big-time players in big spots have instead come up small.

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As ice melts, walrus move north over new feeding areas.

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For Bush, regulatory reform is a key part of a broad economic agenda that he says would be aimed at generating annual U.S

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I think the big thing has been the internet

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Kaiser's study didn't measure family coverage deductibles, which can be more complex, but researchers say they those have grown as well.

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Obama, his wife Michelle Obama and their daughters shook the pope's hand on the red carpet.

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But the pair found Jackson inside her home and shot her

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"The GCC understands that a new Syrian entity carved out under Assad means preserving Iranian interests, which is to have a front in the Mediterranean," he said

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