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Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein in the Netherlands, was an early European adopter, implanting the device in nearly 1,400 people and training dozens of practitioners in its use.

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Hedge fund Marcato CapitalManagement LP has been calling on NCR since last year to explorestrategic alternatives, and now holds a seat on its board ofdirectors.

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Universities and colleges that receive federal funding are supposed to report the number of campus assaults each year.

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Walker spent his first full day out of the race in private meetings with his executive staff at the state capitol in Madison

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A dog catches a frisbee during a dog frisbee competition in Moscow, September 13, 2015

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4, 2015, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce voluntarily recalled all cucumbers sold under the “Limited Edition” brand label during the period from Aug

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Interim President Michel Kafando, who had been released earlier, took refuge on Monday night in the French ambassador's residence.

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Just over 600 nursing homes were approached to take part and almost eight in 10 participated

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Airbus opened an assembly line in China in 2008and recently won a landmark, $11 billion order from China.

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investment bank through the financial crisis, told employees and shareholders he would undergo chemotherapy for lymphoma over the next several months in New York.

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Bitcoin, a virtual currency created by computers that run complex algorithms, can be used to buy and sell some goods and services without government-issued money

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Around 470,000 people in Ireland are affected, including one in five children

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In anacrostic, the first letter of each paragraph also spelled outDelauter's name.

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“That hasn’t been the case necessarily this year.”

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Production costs overall are about 36 percent higher forcage-free eggs because the hens get extra space and stillrequire at least as much human labor for cleaning and care,according to the coalition.

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Google already offers its users a site to compare travel destinations and find the cheapest flight fares, for instance.

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Many companies also have extensive low-cost or even free access schemes for patients who cannot afford their medicines.

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He will also make the only policy speech of the state visit before heading to Washington for a black-tie banquet at the White House.

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The air in nearly all of China’s cities is harmful to breathe, half the drinking water is below international standards, and 20 to 40 percent of the arable soil is contaminated with toxins

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Darden executives said they are moving forward with plans tospin off 488 restaurants

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Sallie says she was told she'd was miscarrying on a previous visit to Saint Mary's Hospital in Manchester when she was 5 months pregnant

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He noted swelling was down and he felt closer to a return.

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He has been described by witnesses in this case as autocratic, arrogant, charismatic and intolerant of regulations.”

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The average age of those involved was 55, while the average body mass index (BMI) was 26.5, which is just within the overweight range.

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The most famous visitor was Alexander the Great who came to the oasis in the 4th Century BC to consult the Oracle of Amun.

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and coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

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With him that day, dramatic tales of stalking, surveillance, attempts on his life

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"The potential that the Fed may delay rate hikes until next year will provide even more angst for the markets ..

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The standard is higher because they are people who consider themselves singers albeit not professionally.

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investment bank through the financial crisis, told employees and shareholders he would undergo chemotherapy for lymphoma over the next several months in New York

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Fish and Wildlife Service, an InteriorDepartment agency, that endangered species protection for thegrouse was warranted but that other species were a higherpriority.

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companies to establish offices in Cuba, expandbanking and Internet activities and eliminate limits on theamount of money that can be taken there, U.S

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