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Complaints voiced by the women include chronic pain, heavy bleeding, fatigue and skin allergies.
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There is some precedent for that, like with syringe exchange programs
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Federal Reserve last week kept rates near zero,citing turbulence in a tightly-linked global economy, includingslowing growth in China
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12 football game between Syracuse University and Wake Forest constituted unacceptable behavior, and maybe even assault, as men forcibly kissed women who were clearly saying no.
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and Russian defense chiefs agreed on Friday to explore ways to avoid accidental interactions, also known as "deconfliction" in military parlance
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Thedebt swap deadline has already been extended twice.
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He took no notice of the girls' father, Alan Tysheen Eugene Lassiter, 29, of Raleigh — the man who was later charged with trying to drown his kids
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About 15.3 million gained insurance either through marketplace coverage, non-marketplace individual coverage or through Medicaid, the state/federal health plan for low-income Americans
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A spokesman for Four Seasons said: “We are sorry that Park House did not meet the standards that we expect all of our homes to provide
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"When you seemajor stock sectors in the U.S
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Syrian migrants rest under a tree during their walk towards the Greece border on a road near Edirne, Turkey, September 15, 2015
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The Apple TV that iFixit took apart had 32GB of memory permanently attached to the logic board
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But that would be about as much as he could expect.
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While 56% of Irish women begin breastfeeding, this figure reaches 64% among women from the UK and 80% among women from Poland.
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This new discovery helps us see giraffes in a totally different light, making them a lot more romantic or sensitive than we ever thought them to be
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"Volkswagen is working intensely to eliminate these deviations through technical measures."
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Environmental activists have opposed it as delaying the transition to cleaner forms of energy and increasing emissions of greenhouse gases by speeding development of Canada's oil sands.
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Infighting: Philippe Barboza, WHO's Ebola coordinator in Kenema, described the tension between his agency and the U.S
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It is also not known how the man committed the assaults or if the victims are dead or alive
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Hungary's right-wing government shut the main land route for migrants into the European Union on Tuesday, taking matters into its own hands to halt Europe's influx of refugees
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The two nations restored diplomatic ties and reopened embassies this summer.
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He reasoned that if the glider's engines could launch it away from an exploding rocket, any skilled pilot would be able to land it safely.
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Thomas Henderson, who ran the organisation until 2012, was awarded an OBE in 2010
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The jury is still out on whether he can take a punch, or continue to deliver knockouts.
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Similar reactors being built in France and Finland are both late and way over budget.
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You don't need a glove, a bat, a ball or even a field
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In May, program manager for autonomous vehicles at GoMentum Station Jack Hall told Apple engineer Frank Frearon via email that he hoped "to keep everything moving and to meet your testing schedule."
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“So they definitely go there with the violence.”
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Redactive, 17-18 Britton Street, London, EC1M 5TP
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County officials say they don't believe Arpaio has ever had to personally pay any legal costs to defend himself in lawsuits related to his work as sheriff.
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Justin Bieber might have been the one getting roasted, but it was Chrissy Teigen that looked smoking at the Comedy Central event
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You can be in different locations and see what each person is typing as they click on their keyboards
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The Nielsen company said that 3.4 million people saw host Don Francisco's adios in the United States
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It moved to Miami in 1986, when Univision began televising it
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But ultimately there are other people who listen to talk radio and subscribe to conservative newsletters that can perform this role
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Further legal challenges are pending in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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"And after I was informed that there were kids involved, instinct took over just to go out there and rescue them."
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"We think of ourselves as aconsumer finance company
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Girl or boy, it makes no difference."
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"If he's got an ounce of savvy he'll lick his wounds for a couple days then start calling Democrats," said Scot Ross, the leader of the liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now
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“We are happy to work with Mayor de Blasio to ensure that we strike the right balance for the sake of the NYPD and the public
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