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ESPN was the most-watched cable network in prime time, averaging 4.14 million viewers

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Analysts said traders expect the ECB, meanwhile, to easepolicy further

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21, creating the unprecedented situation of leaving the state's top law enforcement official without the ability to act as a lawyer, but still in charge of the 750-employee office.

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Europe has not yet figured out that it is Turkey that can turn off the fire hose

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Unable to live at a distance from the revolution she had longed for and worked towards, Hasan returned to Syria

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NASA Television will provide live coverage of the departure beginning at 11 a.m

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In recent years, pharmaceutical research and development has slowed and companies have to think carefully about what they invest in

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Six hundred new cities have been created since the Communist Party came to power in 1949

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It is time for change in my life,” Johnson wrote

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She died after plummeting about 130 feet off a cliff in a remote, rocky area where the couple had been hiking on Sept

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NCR's shares have dropped more than 20 percent in the last 12 months, and its shareholders have been pressuring the company to explore a sale or other options

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"I don't think it was to make an issue of my weight

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We see bitcoin as an enabling technology."

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The dinosaurs grew up to 30 feet long

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The Communist Party began to introduce capitalist market principles in 1978

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“Most men don’t see this as a problem they face,” Loschiavo said.

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He spent $8 million in his 2012 re-election campaign and has $2 million on hand in his race next year for a seventh term.

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But why should working age people now pay through taxation for a service primarily used by those that have retired? After all it isn't really young people that are clogging the system up

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These days many trucks got stuck atCroatia's borders with Slovenia and Serbia where migrants weregathering.

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He didn't mention any interaction with the pope.

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Parker, a former Florida State and Northern Alabama product who signed with the Giants before the 2014 season, had impressed the Giants last season with 36 catches for 418 yards and two touchdowns

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Unlike the Toronto outing, he made the necessary adjustments to make sure the second time around against the Rays was as productive as the first.

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But they say this is not a reason to block research.

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Studies have shown that having an asthma action plan reduces hospital admissions and emergency room visits

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“At first, it was like we were in a mosh pit, slamming into each other all the time,” he said

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"Ryan's our starting quarterback right now," Bowles said

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Larson appeared in 101 episodes of "Adventures of Superman" during its run from 1952 through 1958

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has nothing to do with friendly or unfriendly relations," Mr Peskov told Russia's Ekho Moskvy radio station

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Ultimately, as Mefrih Al-Khathami said, many defectors like him “had reached a stage where I did not know what I had come to do in Syria”

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“There's no evidence that the US is going to deliver bunker busters

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One European airline, Norwegian, offers free Wi-Fi aboard its planes.

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“It wasn’t that I needed the money,” he said

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"But compared to Johnny, I had it easy."

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Tuesday's deal did not set mandatory quotas for each nation — one of the most contentious aspects of the proposed plan

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But drivers of almost half a million cars in the US have now suddenly found that they are driving round vehicles which are a lot worse for the environment than they thought

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McAllister had arrived in Syria in 2008, seeking a break from his work in war zones and curious about life in what he calls a "functioning dictatorship"

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Researchers say apples were the clear winner among all ethnic and racial groups.The question was part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey by the U.S

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