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Environmental campaigners have long argued that emissions rules are being flouted

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Police responded to several 911 calls at 6:26 a.m

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Official campaigning is due to end on 27 March - 24 hours before polling day.

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Look at the opener against Dallas

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The Black Lives Matter movement, spread through social media in the US, has had an impact in Colombia too

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In his school days,Trump was best known for his baseball prowess, rather thandeal-making or brash political remarks.

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Two main factors affect its brightness and color

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Splash some cash on Isabel Marant at MATCHESFASHION.COM or keep things high street at Coast.

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He adds this is "essentially identical in terms of energy expenditure" as sitting still for the same period.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that the "consultations will be important, but they will not lead to the problem we have being set aside

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Okaloosa County Deputy Bill Myers, 64, was shot multiple times in the back of the head and in the back by 33-year-old Joel Dixon Smith, Sheriff Larry Ashley said

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and one that interferes with our ability to move forward and deal with other issues," Clinton said

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(Reporting by Amrutha Penumudi in Bengaluru; Editing bySaumyadeb Chakrabarty)

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In the meantime, however, the series blazes through any quibbles by taking unabashed pleasure in its own insanity, especially when Henson's on screen

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Secretary of State John Kerry said over the weekend the United States welcomed Russia's involvement in tackling Islamic State militants in Syria

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Lake Powell on the Colorado River provides water for Nevada, Arizona and California

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Geological Survey said the latest tremor had a magnitude of 6.5, with an epicenter 46 kilometers (28 miles) west of Illapel, close to that of last week's quake.

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1, could result in a long-term resolution continuing spending at last year's levels, which would trim the Pentagon's planned F-35 purchase by 19 jets, 16 A-model jets and 3 B-model jets.

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Addenbrooks failing? Oh yes, from a flagship to a wreck in one inspection

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The victim is known to authorities, police said.

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Xi and Ray Conner, Boeing Commercial Airplanes chiefexecutive, are due on Wednesday to tour the Everett, Washington,factory where Boeing makes widebody planes such as the 777 and787 Dreamliner

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The most frequent adverse events reported were headache, nausea, vomiting, erythema, cellulitis, dizziness, and hypoxia, none of which were considered drug-related.

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Jimmy Olsen became such a popular figure that his bow tie would one day be part of a Smithsonian display.

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And she's much more serious than I am.

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The woman later died of her injuries, according to her father.

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